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classic girl dog names

Can Dogs Eat Apple Chips?

Can my dogs eat apple chips ? Here is our opinion.

Can Dogs Eat Apple Chips?

Dogs can eat any kind of apple (except crab-apples) as apples are a source of Fibers, Antioxidants& Vitamin C but you have to remove the core that could cause chock & seeds that contain cyanide and when metabolized in digestive system it degrades into highly poisonous Hydrogen Cyanide. Stem and leaves are also not good for them. Apples also help with degenerative conditions like joint disease. You can simply feed most of the dogs with raw apples or you can make Apple chips for them as a healthy treat. But of course excess of everything is bad, Diarrhea can occur if they eat excess amount of apple chips. So, just feed them occasionally. If your dog is already suffering from any disease, you need to consult with the vet before giving them any kind of food.

So, Can Dogs Eat Apple Chips? Answer is Yes!

How to make apple chips?

It’s easy and anyone can make. You need to wash the apples and let them dry naturally. Cut them into slices and remove the seeds. Place the apples on a baking sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon or honey. Bake them at 200 degrees or place them in bright sunlight (if you wanna do it naturally) until they become crispy. Let them cool and good low-calorie snack for your dogs are ready to eat. Even you can enjoy these snacks with your kids. You can also store the snacks for later use.

can dogs eat apple chips ?

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