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can dogs eat dried apricots
Can Dogs eat dried Apricots

Can Dogs eat dried Apricots?

People normally ask us Can Dogs Eat Dried Apricots? So, here is our opinion about dried apricot:

Apricots especially dried ones are a great source of antioxidants which is important for both people and dogs.So, the answer to “can dogs can eat dried apricots or fresh apricots?” is:


If you are feeding them with Fresh Apricots make sure there is no apricot pit or leaves as these things could be toxic to the dogs. Flesh isn’t dangerous for your dogs but excess quantity (of especially dried apricots) could give them a stomach issue because they are very high in sugar and fiber. So, it shouldn’t form a large part of their diet. Moreover, apricots are not necessary for their diet because local dog’s food already contain those nutrients in safe quantity that are present in apricots. So, if you have decided to give your dog the dried apricots make sure it should be occasionally as a safe healthy treat.

Can Dogs eat dried Apricots

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