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Why do cats knead?

why do cats knead

Why do cats knead? It’s a common behavior in cats, they push of their front paws in and out at alternating times. Sometimes it’s also called as “making biscuits” because it looks like they are kneading dough. Cats love to knead on soft surfaces like blankets, cushions, other animals and …

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Can Dogs eat dried Apricots?

can dogs eat dried apricots

People normally ask us Can Dogs Eat Dried Apricots? So, here is our opinion about dried apricot: Apricots especially dried ones are a great source of antioxidants which is important for both people and dogs.So, the answer to “can dogs can eat dried apricots or fresh apricots?” is: Yes! If …

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Can Dogs Eat Apple Chips?

classic girl dog names

Can my dogs eat apple chips ? Here is our opinion. Can Dogs Eat Apple Chips? Dogs can eat any kind of apple (except crab-apples) as apples are a source of Fibers, Antioxidants& Vitamin C but you have to remove the core that could cause chock & seeds that contain …

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