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why do cats knead

Why do cats knead?

Why do cats knead?

It’s a common behavior in cats, they push of their front paws in and out at alternating times. Sometimes it’s also called as “making biscuits” because it looks like they are kneading dough.

Cats love to knead on soft surfaces like blankets, cushions, other animals and even on your lap. But why they do so?  There are some possible reasons of this behavior:

  1. It could be inherited from kittenhood because during nursing, kittens knead the area around their mother’s teat to stimulate the flow of milk.
  2. This behavior may be passed down from their wild ancestors, when wild cats patted down the piles of leaves and grass to create a soft/comfortable nest for themselves and for their young ones to relax and sleep.

By kneading they may be trying to claim their belongings as cats have scent glands in the pads of their paws that release pheromones.

It’s their way of showing you that they love you but sometimes it could be quite painful to you but cats don’t realize that it hurts. Just try to place cushion between your lap and cat and keep their nails trimmed.

why do cats knead

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